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Looking for corporate events? Are you the director of a nice company? Have you ever thought about who helped you making this company this big? Maybe you can make it even better with these corporate events ideas. Probably you have employees who help you to improve your company every day, you have family who support you wherever you need, maybe you have business partners where you make business decisions with and of course you have clients who pay you to get your product or service. Of course these people work for or with you because they want to. But sometimes it is good to thank these people for all their effort and support. There is no better way to do this then by organising a corporate event or corporate team building! A corporate event is all about getting the people together who helped you building your company and tell them how you started and what your future goals are. This get together can be formal or informal. You can choose to do an activity together or just keep it simple and give a speech with a diner afterwards. This depends on how big your work environment is and what your goal is for this event. Corporate events can be organised all over the UK. Choose a city below and take a look at what kind of corporate events can be organised in your area! Have fun with organising this special event.

The Soap Box Derby Corporate Event
excl. VAT from
£90 p.p.

The Soap Box Derby Corporate Event

The Automotive Industry is well known for its quality driven focus. So what better way to test and build your team by letting them construct their own soap box vehicles in order to compete? Offcourse you will recieve help building the skeleton. The design is completely up to your team to decide. The best looking vehicles will receive some advantages dure the actual race. During this activity all teams will go through 4 stages in order to realise the ultimate teambuilding experience: Design, Build, Test and Race. Would you like additional information regarding this innovation Corporate Event? Please fill out the form (without obligations). 

Corporate survival event
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£99 p.p.

Corporate survival event

At some point you will start asking yourself: ¨what would Bear Grylls do now?¨ During this survival team challenge all members will be tested both physically and mentally. Leaders will stand up and teams will be unified in order to deal with the situation. Split up in teams of roughly 8 members all teams will deal with the assigments (building base camp,  crossing imaginary rivers while using very limited tools, decipher codes and communicating with flags). But watch out! Your team´s behaviour (leadership and teamwork) will be monitored and evaluated. Which team will perform best and will be prounced the winners of the day? Would you like additional information regarding this intensive corporate surivival event? Please fill out the form (without obligations). 

Cocktail workshop with tapas dinner as a corporate event
excl. VAT from
£37 p.p.

Cocktail workshop with tapas dinner as a corporate event

You and your colleagues are probably working hard all your, trying to achieve the goals that the company has set for you. Your stressing hard to make that one mindblowing sale or finish that extremely important project. In that case it is so important to relax once a while together with the members of your team and get to know eachother in a different setting. And what better way to do so then together embrace the easygoing Latin lifestyle. Get ready for an enjoyable time together with team while learning to make excellent cocktails as well as tasting a delicious tapas meal. If you want to receive more information about this activity you can ask for more information by pressing the button below.

On the Trading Floor corporate event
excl. VAT from
£99 p.p.

On the Trading Floor corporate event

During this Trading Floor team event you and your team members will make a thrilling dive into the world of stock markets. While closely working together you will experience the rush and adrenaline of the Trading Floor in a very autentic trading simulation game. Push your team to the limit by forcing them to make high impact decisions and to communicate more efficiently. The simulation will be hosted by a business tycoon with real-life experience in the financial markets. All trading results will be shown on a giant live screen to increase the adrenaline level of the participants. Would you like additional information regarding this thrilling corporate event? Please fill out the form (without obligations).

The Apprentice Corporate Event
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£99 p.p.

The Apprentice Corporate Event

Are you looking for a Corporate Event that will stimulate your team members to explore their boundaries and find new creative inspiration? Than the Apprentice teambuilding game might be very suitable for you. This game has been inspired on the famous television show. During this game all members will be given the assignement to create a brand new product from scratch out of provided materials and find creative ways to put it in the market. Offcourse all concepts will have to be pitched to potential investors. The team efforts will be evaluated by a tough corporate guru that will set the bar at a very high level. Would you like additional information regarding this creative and inspiring corporate event? Please fill out the form (without obligations).

Casino corporate event
excl. VAT from
£25 p.p.

Casino corporate event

Just dress up nicely and enter the world of gambling during this casino corporate event. Now you will enjoy an evening of laughter, nice company, gambling chips, roulette, black jack, poker and much more. It’s time to investigate how lucky you can be while visiting the casino. Here you and your colleagues will experience Monte Carlo and Las Vegas combined in one night! At the start of the evening you will get fun money to change in for gambling chips. With these chips you enter the casino game of your choice and aim for the jackpot. The charming and experienced croupiers will help you play and turn the evening into an unforgettable experience. Will you go for black or red at the roulette, dare to “hit” during your game of blackjack and test your pokerface! Have fun during this casino corporate event in your city or region.

Lipdub teambuilding corporate event
excl. VAT from
£49 p.p.

Lipdub corporate event

Are you planning a corporate event? Choose this unforgettable lip dub activity. Do you often sing under the shower? Do you enjoy extraordinary lip-sync skills? Then it's time to make your own lip dub. Combine lip synching with your favorite music and see if your colleagues can work together as a team. Why? A lip dub is another name for a one single unedited shot. So tweak your team building skills and motivate the best singer in the team! A lot of pleasure, laughter and some breaks guaranteed with this lip dub corporate event. More information? Please fill out the form (without obligations). We wish you lots of fun.

Corporate event in Cuban setting

Corporate event in Cuban setting

What beter way to reward your employees, suppliers, customers or other stakholders then by throwing them an unforgettable event. A moment to reflect on past struggles and sucesses and to regain strength again to focus on the future. And what can be a better setting to do this in, than in a place that embraces a more layed-back and easygoing latin lifestyle. Great music, lovely food, mindblowing drinks and offcourse the right company, for sure all the ingredients are here to make this event last for many years in the minds of everyone.  If you want to receive more information about this corporate event concept in your region, you can ask for more information by pressing the button below.

Corporate events crossbow shooting
incl. VAT from
£40 p.p.

Corporate events Crossbow shooting

Are you looking for a fun and active team building activity to do with your colleagues? Crossbow shooting is an activity that perfectly combines these two wishes. Crossbow shooting is a difficult activity. You have to learn the techniques before you can go shoot at your target. When you have the techniques under control you can start having fun. Shoot at different targets and help each other out. This activity can be played in different places in UK. Do you feel your adrenaline rush when you read about crossbow shooting corporate event? Then click on the button below for more information and learn how to shoot arrows!

Corporate events in the United Kingdom

Corporate events London
London, Woking, Southend-on-sea Chlemsford, etc. - Corporate events London

Corporate events Liverpool
Liverpool, Ellesmere Port, Chester, Warrington, etc. Corporate events Liverpool

Corporate events Birmingham
Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Telford etc. Corporate events Birmingham

Corporate events Leeds
Leeds, Castleford, Wakefield, Wetherby etc. Corporate events Leeds

Corporate events Sheffield
Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Barnsley etc. Corporate events Sheffield

Corporate events Bristol
Keynsham, Bath, Chipping Sodbury etc. Corporate events Bristol

Corporate events Manchester
Oldham, Rochdale, Bolton or Wiganetc. Corporate events Manchester

Corporate events Leicester
Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, Coalville or Oakham. Corporate events Leicester

Corporate events Coventry
Northampton, Kettering, Rugby or Royal Leamington Spa. Corporate events Coventry

Corporate events Hull
Beverley, Grimsby, Scunthorpe or Selby. Corporate events Hull

Corporate events Bradford
Halifax, Shipley, Brighouse or Thornton. Corporate events Bradford

Corporate events Stoke-on-trent
Kidsgrove, Stone, Congleton or Crewe. Corporate events Stoke-on-trent

Corporate events Wolverhampton
Wombourne, Walsall, Bloxwich or Telford. Corporate events Wolverhampton

Corporate events Nottingham
Grantham, Newark-on-trent, Mansfield or Loughborough. Corporate events Nottingham

Corporate events Plymouth
Plympton or Ivybridge. Corporate events Plymouth

Corporate events Southampton
Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Waterlooville or Fareham. Corporate events Southampton

Corporate events Reading
Newbury, Basingstoke, Farnborough or Maidenhead. Corporate events Reading

Corporate events Norwich and East England
Essex, Suffolk and the rest of East England. Corporate events Norwich

Corporate events Cardiff and Wales
Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and the rest of Wales. Corporate events Cardiff


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A corporate event is always unique because it is really close to the core of the company. You can invite people who helped you start the company, invite old employers or old employees, invite your study mates, and so on. So make sure when you are organising a corporate event that you are not going too far from ‘home’. Stay close to the place where you company is or where you started it. Because otherwise a lot of people can not come. Or you can organise transportation for everyone. Some ideas for cities where you can go for your corporate event are: London, Manchester, Bradford, Plymouth, Reading and Leeds. In all these cities you can find beautiful venues where you can come together for a reception or a dinner. Also you can organise different teambuilding events here. You can choose from different activities; active or passive. It depends on what your goal is for the event. When you are with a lot of different people with different backgrounds it is nice to make sure they get to know each other better. By doing this everyone can get a better image of the company: how it ever started, who started the company, what kind of person the director is. Alle these things can help improve the band between all these people. A teambuilding activity is definitely a good idea for a corporate event.

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